Monday, October 26, 2009

Alfred Hitchcock Trivia

Here is a little trivia about The Master of Suspense

*His first directing project was the movie Number 13 in 1922, however, the production was canceled due to financial problems and no finished scenes are believed to exist today

*His directing debut (in a finished film) is 1923 in Always Tell Your Wife (although he is uncredited)

*His first cameo appearance was in The Lodger in 1927, he then made cameo appearances in 39 of his 52 films

*The Lodger (1927) was his first thriller

*His first "talkie" was Blackmail (1929)

*His first American film was Rebecca (1940) although Rebecca was still set in England

*Shadow of a Doubt (1943) marked his first film to be set in the United States

*He directed one romantic comedy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941)

*Suspicion (1941) marked Hitchcock's first film as a producer and director

*Shadow of a Doubt (1943) is Hitchcock's personal favorite of all his films

*North by Northwest at 136 minutes is Hitchcock's longest film

*It is impossible to have seen all of Hitchcock's films as The Mountain Eagle (1926) is lost (no copy exists today)

*50 Academy Award nominations have resulted from Hitchcock films

*Spellbound, Foreign Correspondent, Suspicion and Rebecca are the only films to receive Academy Award Best Picture nominations

*Rebecca is the only Hitchcock film to receive the Academy Award for Best Picture

*Joan Fontaine, is the only actress to receive an Academy Award for acting in a Hitchcock film (winning Best Actress for Suspicion)

*Hitchcock was nominated five times for Best Director for Psycho, Rebecca, Lifeboat, Spellbound, and Rear Window

*Hitchcock never won an academy award although in 1967 he received the Irving Thalberg Memorial Award at the Oscars

*He delivered the shortest acceptance speech in Oscar history: while accepting theIrving Thalberg Memorial Award, he simply said "Thank you."

*Six of Hitchcock's films are in the National Film Registry: Vertigo, Rear Window, North by Northwest, Shadow of a Doubt, Notorious and Psycho

*He was married 53 years to Alma Reville.

*He and Alma had one child, a daughter Patricia who appeared in three Hitchock movies: Stage Fright (1950), Strangers on a Train (1951) and Psycho (1960)

*Leo G. Carroll appearred in more Hitchcock movies than any other actor, six films: Rebecca (1940), Suspicion (1941), Spellbound (1945), The Paradine Case (1947), Strangers on a Train (1951), and North By Northwest (1959)

*Cary Grant and James Stewart both appearred in four Hitchcock movies

*Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly both appearred in three Hitchcock movies

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