Monday, October 26, 2009

Before They Were Stars

They were not always movie stars. Some stars began their careers in performing and in show business, while others began in ordinary jobs.

1) Jean Arthur: stenographer

2) Humphrey Bogart: bonds salesman

3) James Cagney: bellhop and book custodian at a library

4) Gary Gooper: salesman

5) Henry Fonda: phone company

6) Clark Gable: tire factory worker and neck tie salesman

7) Greta Garbo: shampoo girl at a barber shop

8) Greer Garson: advertising agency

9) Sydney Greenstreet: Ceylon tea planter

10) Angela Lansbury: saleswoman at a department store

11) Sterling Hayden: ship captain

12) Fredric March: banker

13) Steve McQueen: lumberjack

14) Robert Mitchum: machine operator

15) Agnes Moorehead: school teacher

16) Gregory Peck: truck driver

17) Barbara Stanwyck: gift wrapper at a Brooklyn department store

18) James Stewart: construction worker

19) Rudolph Valentino: bus boy at a restraurant

20) John Wayne: newspaper delivery man

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